How do I find the sell sheets that I used to get on ada-music.com?

Click on the title anywhere on the site to go to the release page and then choose artist assets from the menu or go to the ADA New Release Guides.

Not seeing correct discounts/costs..

As discounts are specific to the UPC and Ship-to account, be sure to specify bill-to and ship-to account numbers in the drop-down menus on order entry page. This is when applicable discounts will display

How do I get my  "program/ask for" codes on my order?

If after selecting your bill-to and ship-to on the order entry page, you feel your not seeing the correct discounts please contact us here.

Unable to upload a PO

If its an xls document format that has worked previously, make sure there is only 1 tab in the excel document and that it matches the layout of the previous document as closely as possible.

Password re-set no working

if you are cutting and pasting from the auto generated email be sure you don't get an extra space at the end of the password. Also sometimes the auto generated email goes to your spam/junk folder.

What if I need to  change or cancel an order after I have submitted it?

Please contact us here with your bill-to/ship-to and PO number

How do I know if my order was submitted?

If you got a confirmation email it was correctly submitted. Sometimes this email can go to your spam/junk folder

How long does it take  for my order to be visible in Order Status?

It can take about 3 hours, but rest assured if you received a confirmation email it was submitted correctly.

What does "in process"  mean?

This means your order is submitted, but not yet in warehouse or shipped. It can mean that some titles have backordered if you see a number in the "BO" column on the order status page. If you need more specifics about the status of your order, please contact us here

When will my order ship?

Our standard order turn around for box lot orders is to ship those that are in warehouse by noon the same day and those in warehouse after noon, the following day. We strive to ship loose orders received in the warehouse on Mondays to arrive by Friday.